Shenzhen Baitong Putian Technoloyg Co.,Ltd is a manufactory which specializes in ONU & OLT research,development, production and sales.Our Alibaba shop is one of the several verified suppliers in fiber optical equipment,tech and after-sale service. Shenzhen Baitong Putian Technology Co., Ltd.
2008----------2018; Beijing--Shenzhen-------------to go to the world
Shenzhen Baitong Putian Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development of optical access network technology. It provides integrated network transmission products such as voice, data, and video based on IP networks. The specific products involve:
EPON OLT, EPON optical network office equipment
GPON OLT, GPON optical network office equipment
ONT/ONU, CATV type ONU and multi-network convergence products
Fiber Transceiver
Fiber switch
Ethernet switch
Industrial Ethernet Switch
POE switch
Audio and video optical transceivers, voice optical transceivers and other optical fiber transmission access equipment.
Sales network
The domestic market covers 31 provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and autonomous regions, and constitutes a customer service system integrating business marketing and after-sales services. It has successfully cooperated with telecommunications, radio and television, government departments, public security, banks, educational institutions, and system integrators. The unit's projects cooperate.The sales of products in the international market cover the rest of the world and have been widely applied in the operator networks, enterprise networks, and industry projects in more than 30 countries including South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Asia Pacific region.
research and develop
In the field of technology, we not only have experienced technical R&D personnel who have been in the industry for many years, but also cooperate with a number of universities and colleges and reserve new technological strength. We have ensured a reasonable, professional, and leading knowledge structure, giving our products and technology a leading position. We focus on the creation of core leading products in the future. We will conduct series research and development on next-generation concepts such as next-generation broadband access, VOIP products, and storage network technologies, and foster our continuous competitive advantage based on technology leadership. We have provided advanced and cost-effective advanced services such as product-oriented development and OEM for many industry brands and large-scale projects at home and abroad. While creating advanced and superior products for users, we have also created huge brand values and markets for corporate customers. The return, through unremitting efforts and continuous investment, continues to grow and expand, and contributes more to the industry's technology promotion, in-depth popularization, and follow-up development.
service support
Fully understand the needs of customers, and create value for customers with advanced technology, considerate service, and tailor-made solutions.
Baitong Putian Technology Co., Ltd. provides customers with a full range of after-sales service and technical support, and strive to create value for customers. Established a complete service and support system, a well-trained team of engineers, on-site technical support, remote maintenance, remote telephone support (24 hours * 7 days), technical support website and other services. Provide customers with various levels of technical training, regular visits, understand the operation of the equipment, and establish a complete user documentation and technical documentation. Well-known companies tailor-made customer integrated management system to help us provide better services. Baitong Putian hand in hand with you to create brilliant!